Good Morning,

I pray you successfully navigated your Monday and that the rest of the week goes along with ease and fruitfulness in your ventures.  We had an amazing time last week with the mission team from Lost Creek UMC in Oklahoma.  During the week there was a lot of prayer, a lot of praising, some crying, and a ton of laughter.  It was the gold standard of work being done for the Lord, both in the physical state and the spiritual state.  Just in case you missed service on Sunday, here are some of the physical accomplishments made by the visiting team:
  1. Installation of the doors between the fellowship area and narthex.
  2. Construction of a new and enlarged food pantry.
  3. Installation of a door in the family bathroom shower area.
  4. Caulking between the siding joints of the building.
  5. Painting of the trim.
  6. Staining of the wood exterior.
  7. Removal of Moss on the roof.
  8. Installation of cabinets in the fellowship hall.
  9. Repaired and painted the emergency exit ramp.
  10. Rerouted the cable blocking the exit.
  11. Installed flashing on the back corner of the building and covered with trim and painted.
  12. Taught Vacation Bible School.
Oh, and at the end of all of their hard work they presented the Girdwood Chapel congregation a check for $10,500! Lost Creek UMC has invested in our congregation with prayer, sweat, blood, tears, a few broken ribs, a sizable donation, and loving, compassionate, and open hearts. They will be long term partners for us and we are thankful God connected us to do great work together. It must be mentioned that the physical work accomplished by this mission team pales in comparison to the work done through them in the connection of the Holy Spirit through ministry to those they came in contact with. It was a beautiful week. I am also thankful to all of you who fed them and worked beside them during their time here. A tremendous thank you is sent to the Faulkner family who donated their home for the team's accommodations for the week. What a gift!
During the work of the mission team we were also gifted a new piano from a generous member of our community. Although I am not supposed to share her identity, it is with my deepest gratitude that we express our thanks for the wonderful gift that will enrich our praise and worship each time we gather.
Now, summer is coming to an end. I see the fireweed all around us blooming to the tip of the stalk indicating that the salmon runs will soon be coming to an end, the sunlight will further wain into the darkness, and the terminal dust will blanket the peaks surrounding us. It is a period of transition. Girdwood Chapel is in a period of transition too. We are poised to do wonders in the community around us and in the hearts of those whom we meet and minister. If it has been a while since you have been to a service, come back. We need you and we want you to help us spread the word about God's love and the gift of living in the Holy Spirit. We need your help to share the promise given to us by the cross that we are forgiven, never forsaken; embraced, never pushed is faith and trust in the belief that Jesus Christ redeemed us and restored us with God giving us eternal life, that allows us to live in this promise.
I can feel the energy of the Spirit in our Chapel and in the community. Together we will be part of something amazing. Here are some ways to help us continue our work:

Volunteer Opportunities:


  1. Community Garden needs help to complete the boxes.  Matthew and Stacey have done a considerable amount of preparation, so putting the boxes together should be easy.

  2. Fellowship Hall doors need one more coat of stain and the door stays need to be installed.

  3. New food pantry closet needs to be lightly sanded, shelves installed, painted inside and out, and the door needs to be stained.

  4. New door and trim in the family bathroom needs to be stained.


  1. Children’s Sunday School teachers (beginning Sep. 9th at 9:30 AM)

  2. Confirmation Class Teachers (beginning Sep. 9th at 9:30 AM)

  3. Adult Mentors/Sponsors for those going through Confirmation Class

  4. Eucharistic Ministers (those who help administer the bread and cup during communion)

  5. Lectors - those who read the scripture during service

  6. Children’s Ministry Leaders (alternating Sundays during Sermon, share a lesson and quick craft with those children 10 years old and younger)

  7. Meal providers for Teen Ministry (prepare a meal and dine with teen group)

  8. Meal providers for Food Pantry (3rd Sunday each month)

  9. Prayer Team - (those who receive notice for special prayer needs throughout the week)

  10. Living in the Promise Series Speakers (during the year members of the congregation will be asked to share their personal stories of how God has moved them and interacts with them in their lives...some of our speakers will be, Duane, Jody, Sam, Alicia….)

  11. Community Garden needs a new sponsor and coordinator.

  12. Food Pantry Volunteers.

  13. Fundraiser Committee Needs ideas and volunteers.

  14. All committees and programs need volunteers.


  1. Priceless (An organization working to help those enslaved by Human Trafficking) provides a van tour of those places in Anchorage which are known establishments that keep individuals in bondage.  It is a tour to raise the awareness of our surroundings and to discuss the options we have to help.

  2. Anchorage Rescue Mission Tour - this tour will allow those on it to see the work accomplished by the Mission and the provision of details on how one can get involved.


  1. School supplies and backpacks. Attached to this email are the school lists for Girdwood School.  Please bring one or all items off the list to the church by August 19th. A great gift would be to bring a backpack completely stocked.  We will have a blessing of the children and teachers at that service and deliver the donated goods to the school for them to distribute.

  2. Teen/Bible Study Room needs stools, computer bars, sectional, and carpet (flooring) donations of funds or of good quality items are greatly appreciated.

  3. Children’s classroom needs wall cabinets (like teen room and fellowship hall), rug, art and craft supplies, and children’s Bibles (Deep Blue or Adventure Bible)

  4. Pay Down the Mortgage - I will be asking the trustees to consider a focused financial plan to pay down the Mortgage of our Chapel.  The mortgage is a limiting factor to our ministry and to our growth. It currently sits at over $200,000. This drive will be discussed in further detail later, but should you wish to get a head start, mark your special donation, “Pay Down the Mortgage”.

  5. General Fund Giving - your annual tithing supports the church and all of the programs in many wonderful and fruitful ways.  Please consider making a consistent monthly tithe so the church can stay on top of the monthly operating expenses. The trustees, treasurer, and church council have proven to be excellent stewards of these funds.

  6. Support of Church Programs: Food Pantry, Community Garden, Teen Ministry, Altar Guild (decorate church), Children Ministry, Adult Education, and Music Ministry (handbells anyone!)

The Spirit is on the move and it is exciting!
Pastor David

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