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September 30, 2016





Noisy Change Offering:

We will have a noisy change offering at the 10:00 am service on Sunday.  The noisy change offering supports organizations or causes that embody Christ’s actions of caring for the hungry, the orphaned, the widowed, and the poor.  Please let Pastor David know if there is a group you feel may benefit from receiving the noisy change gift.



October 2, 2016, Between Services (~9:30 AM)

Bring your favorite food to share with the congregation, and be ready to eat.

Try to stay awake for the sermon though!



October 5, 2016 New Wednesday Night Bible Study:  The Gospel According to Star Wars.

Star Wars has been part of pop culture for over 40 years.  There have been multiple movies, spinoffs, cartoon series, and toys built on the foundation of the original movie.  Did you know that C-3PO and R2D2 have a Christmas Record!?


The truth is that, just like in many other realms of the secular world, we can see the Gospel come alive in the Star Wars movie.  We will take a look at the movie and examine those things that point to Christ and those things which may be different than the traditional Christian belief.  


We will start with a Star Wars themed dinner at 5:30 PM and begin the study at 6:00 PM.  All ages are welcome.  We will be watching about 30 minutes of the movie each week, followed by some breakout sessions, and a group lesson.  Until then...may the force be with you!



Blessing of the Pets Ceremony on October 9, 2016

Following the Funday School session on October 9, 2016 we will have a short ceremony for the blessing of the important animals in our lives.  The origins of this ceremony come from the teachings of St. Francis of Assisi who saw love and and beauty in all living creatures.  We know how important our pets are to our families and would love to have the opportunity to show our appreciation and love to them through this service.  


*Please make sure your pet is restrained in the appropriate manner for the service.  We will most likely be outside for this.

FUNDAY School:

We have had some awesome substitute teachers over the last couple of weeks.  Thank you so much, Mrs. Alicia Hall and Mrs. Katra Wedeking for helping us out!  But, we have received notification from our Aussie neighbors that Mr. Duane Magoon has left the country and is headed back to the Great North of Alaska!  Bring your kiddos to to hear about the heroes of the Bible and, I am sure, some exciting stories of Crocodile Magoon’s travels.

Fire Alarms:

If you look around the church, you will notice that we now have Smoke Alarms and CO detectors in each room.  These were provided, and installed, free of charge by the Girdwood Fire Department through a departmental grant.  The Steering Group Committee chaired by Lenore Yeager, has been working to make Girdwood Chapel an appropriate location for short retreats and overnight gatherings.  The installation of these devices is a wonderful step in this direction and allows us to move one step closer in achieving this goal.  I believe that Jody Clingenpeel will now be able to schedule a meeting with the Fire Marshall to determine our next steps.  Thank you all for your support and work in moving this forward.


If you see a member of Girdwood Fire and EMS, please be sure to thank them for their work and service (both in the community and for their help at the chapel.)




  1. For the USA as we continue to choose those politicians who will help to provide guidance and leadership for our nation and the world; that they may know God in their hearts and Christ’s compassion and understanding in their works.

  2. For those members of the congregation and their families who are sick or are recovering from illnesses or medical procedures.

  3. For the Emergency Service Providers and First Responders that provide care and safety to our area.

  4. For those in the community and in the world that do not know Christ, that they may find there way to know him, and that our lives may light the path.

  5. For our nation and the world as a place of peace.  More than tolerance we need understanding and more than acceptance we need love.  Invade our hearts, dear Lord, and show us mercy and provide us grace.


*Please let me know about prayer requests you would like added to this list.  I have avoided using specific names, but would love to include them if you give me permission.


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