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This file is a little different because I lost my transcript.  My preaching outline is as follows...




Temptation - something that looks good to us because in some way, in some method, it pleases us.There is an undeniable attraction to the promise on the other side of the temptation.


But, if we are honest, it is not really the object, the situation, or the status that is the root of our temptation.  It is the perception of how the possession of the promise will make us feel, and to know that, well it depends on how we measure ourselves.  It is a certainty to say that the things that tempted us in our adolescence would not necessarily provide the same temptation for us today.  But, the feelings, the emotions, behind the temptations, those still exist.


I was probably five, maybe six, years old when I asked my mom to buy me a novelty container of gum in the checkout lane.   She answered in the negative, but my gaze never left the purple and clear container filled with grape pieces of bubble gum.  The smiling grape on the side of the dispenser almost spoke to me, “you know you want some grape deliciousness!”  So, I glanced quickly at my mom, who was busy with the attendant, and then at my grape tempter.  I snatched the container from the shelf and, as if I was a skilled thief, placed the container into my tube sock.  I looked up with innocent eyes, surveying those around me, hoping that I had not been spotted.  My mom paid and we walked out of the doors of the store.  We had many bags of purchased items, and in my sock, one stolen container of gum.  I was a criminal.


When we got home I went up to my room and removed the loot from my sock and placed it on my bed.  I looked at it, waiting for the smiling grape to engage me in conversation again.  But, as I looked at this object that I was so desperate for that I stole it, I was racked with guilt and sadness.  The joy and happiness I had hoped to find with each chew and blown bubble was not to be.  In doing something wrong, to achieve something I thought I wanted, I had ruined the payoff on the other side.  I had changed the emotions. I had changed the balance.  I had attempted to go about finding my joy the wrong way.


<<Meditative Moment>>

40 Years in Desert for the Israelites

40 Days in Desert for Jesus

  1. Description of Spirit leading Jesus to the Desert

  2. Tempter, Satan, addresses Jesus as “You are the Son of God”, some translations read “if”, almost as a taunt.  But, the Greek is clear...Satan knows that Jesus is the Son of God and what Jesus is capable of doing.

  3. This is the struggle of the incarnate.  This is the struggle of the flesh.

  4. Jesus is tempted by three things:

    1. Rocks into Bread

    2. Throw himself off of the tower and let God save Him

    3. Give up His power in heaven for the power of earth.

Lessons Learned


  1. Have Faith, God before Self


  1. Know the Word of God

    1. Man does not live by Bread Alone


  1. You shalt not test the Lord, Our God


  1. There is only one God and we shall serve Him


  1. Reward is eternal, not always of this world




Temptation is at our doorstep every day.  It misleads us and misguides us into thinking that we can find pure joy in living life for ourselves and not for God.  But, often, just as with a young boy who steals grape gum from the local K-mart, the joy which we have attempted to obtain for ourselves is short lived and followed by greater remorse.  As we get older, the temptations become more elaborate and the costs become greater.  Rather than guilt, we may develop addictions, we may hurt others, we may lose people we love, and in every attempt to find joy from the deeper hole we have dug becomes bigger and with higher cost.  Except one.  Throughout the temptation of the flesh, God waits.  Ready to receive us with open arms when we say we are ready to live our life for Christ.  There is no remorse, only forgiveness.  There is no guilt, only hope.


Lent is 40 days.

  • It is our time in the wilderness to realize what it is in the world that is tempting us to stray from our faith

  • But we can be strong and we come back to know what God has provided for us

    • It ends with our salvation

    • It begins with our faith

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